Special Report

by Wisdom Simone

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released April 7, 2017



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Wisdom Simone Atlanta, Georgia

The road to virtuosity is one of blood, sweat, and tears. Yah has been gracious enough to allow me the challenge. I pray I make him proud. These Q'Dash Tahalym are my reports of what I see, feel, and learn on this journey.

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Track Name: American Nightmare - Extended Version (ft. Big Lee, L.V, Dew Valley, Lyn Nicole, & Spyda)
American Nightmare
ft. Big Lee, LV, Dew Valley, Lyn Nicole, & Spyda
(Wisdom Simone)
I ain’t sold on the American Dream
I serve a mighty Alahym and it’s to him that I cleave (Luy)
Possibility the blood I bleed of Abarym
But with my faith it’s irrelevant mshpachah Yahudym
I know I gotta be persistent and diligent to his call
To defeat these Babylonian bastards ‘gainst Yashar’al
Mizraim reinvented but it really ain’t no difference
These niggers kill us in envy with no mind or heart for repentance
So yeah we been dying my people ignorant some cause they choose to be
Talking melatonin of ruach so they in lucid dreams
Anesthesiology my people living fast asleep
They walking to oppression’s beat but dabary be calling me
When he come to jack the city it’s his wrath I choose to flee
In Chadash Yarushalam my prayer he have a place for me
Pressing for acceptance so I rest in peace eternally
The tsad is always lurking I resist until that loser flee
Can’t beat me I know my peace
Wake up from your nightmare see what you pursue cannot redeem
In the end there is no win with you ‘les you with Alahym
Yahusha my Husha yeah that’s my Husha

(Big Lee)
The American dream please it’s a nightmare
It’s high time we wake out of sleep ain’t no right here
You better off on Elm street ‘cause you might scared
Someone who don’t have a gun yeah I got mine
Tried to dwell in shalum but shootin’s the way it has to be
I am ready to fight your bastards ruach or naturally
Took me out of my habitation, these cowards captured me
Had me calling on Jesus believing he would rapture me
My Husha is abary ain’t never been no Latin king
Don’t get it twisted ‘cause the inscription was written in Hebrew, latin and greek
Now they mad at me ‘cause they don’t understand my speech
Never though we would recover what was samak since the ruach hovered
Ha that’s B’r-shyth for you clowns
Barah Alahym Ahth HaShamaym Ahth Uau Ha Aratz oo Wow
Returning to a pure language now we call on his name
Jehovah Jireh can’t provide Yahuah getting back his fame
No Hollywood don’t need your plot ‘cause it’s apart of the hoax
I once was blind but now I see Yahuah demolished the cloak, Big Lee

(Pastor Tony Smith)
Look at the real problems and issues we got in America…
People can’t even afford to live in America…
Talkin about American Dream again I tell you ain’t nothing but a nightmare…

Land of the free Home of the brave
Psych your mind nigger you still a slave
And you underpaid
Let’s talk about Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan and don’t forget that nigger Clinton
Created a system to bait you incarcerate and then rape you
To steal your shine and pride but like the coward you hide
From the truth at any moment it could be you
Police steady gunning us down right before you as living proof
That’s why I’m angry for the fact that the country is built on fiction
(My mother land)
Land of Kush keeps getting treated like she’s some vixen
Education system deemed to rob and keep us hidden
(Rhetoric Unfolds)
Now you find out the truth about what’s been written
Incubated in your mind as the rage builds and you live it
Can’t be optimistic cause realistic this had to happen so listen
America America sits high like the queen be while the dark hues are slaves from sea to shining sea

(Dew Valley)
I got a dream but I ain’t Martin Luther
If Kaph was here, in this year he'd be quick to shoot cha
Should I have a fear of walking cause my skin is black?
Post traumatic flesh disorder cause my skin is black?
In America I gotta have insomnia
They killing blacks in every state like this is Bosnia
They call me mongrel I gotta different dogma
They want me horizontal in permanent pajamas
But my fathers practice murder more than farmers and herders
And further I’m no observer, know turner?
The Nat
Everyday struggles gotta get a gun
They used to make us dance now they make us run
It's psychological what these crackers do
Its diabolical eat humans like they food
Admitting and accepting what is prevalent
9mm boy show ‘em your benevolent
Ask them do they wanna go to heaven
If they say yes or no you just gotta tryna help ‘em
And don’t forget the income inequality
To me it don't matter I'ma steal if it bother me
Nightmares nigga they right here
I dare you to declare war on this pair

(Lyn Nicole)
Let’s take a road down the illogicals
Cause the master had a plan with the wizard’s hand and it was something diabolical
Yellow brick roads and take ‘em as far as we can go
Rid them of they nation with no patience so nobody knows
Take all they scrips and make ‘em all blaspheme
Sodom and Gomorrah and give these niggers the American dream
KKK Ca..ca..can I do that
And when they ask for they truth redirect them and give ‘e our facts
The plans in motion smoking guns and they idols
(and) Move them from they land, Christianity be they rival
Intoxicate them with Syphilis eradicate these niggers
So we the only ones left and he’ll have to take us, don’t you figure…

(George Carlin)
Nobody seems to notice, Nobody seems to care
That’s what the owners count on the fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant
Because the owners of this country know the truth
It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it…

Land of the free how can it be with charges higher than a canopy
And that’s not just with money but your life is what’s demanded
We’ve been handed to a man that’s managed to damage the land
That we’ve been banished from for handling things commanded abstained from
They bang guns and stains come from underneath
We underneath the sheets but in the streets we running from police
So humbly we speak to see why is it that we’ve been told to keep silent
The reply just keeps multiplying all our groans and cries with homes divided
And the violence ain’t domestic it’s pathetic
That the one that says he’s scared is the same one that holds the weapon
Thinking murder is the answer unless he shows mercy and exposes us to more cells than cancer
We say our hands are up and they say that makes us the terrorists
Forced to jump hurdles higher than Everest
Serving in the land where the devil we gotta stay rebellious
To his way of life though they make sure our plight is perilous
Delusions of inclusions confuse us, thinking they care for us
You cruising for a bruising when troopers stop us and cameras just
Record atrocities like Rodney King they all just stare at us
America or Hell it’s hard to say which is the scariest
One is set up to set us up thinking we have salvation
When vile hatred from the Most High is steady piling waiting on that day
We thinking we shall escape the very place that we were taught that we’d be saved from
When ain’t nothing coming but the second one the second death is never done
And will forever and for eternity while burning up each and every one
Of those who’ve only ever done what goes against what Yah permits
If it’s not obvious America’s a crockpot full of sh…
Track Name: Code 3 (ft. Spyda)
(Wisdom Simone)
Pulled up my internet news today yet another brother dead in he streets
Another news report more protests bloodsuckers vain words then retreat
More of our blood left crying in the heat with no hesitation they killing our kids
Saying self defense but different accoutns from video evidence
In these streets is MadTV but funny it ain’t no laughing matter
The bulets that shatter families past used to assassinate character
Hands up no defense discriminates on offense
Laying us even with the ground no second thought cause no recompense
They say our stance is militant when we say Black lives Matter
But the fact I hae to tell you confirms you do not gather
The importance of our lives unpon this surface you claim inferior
Slaugther cause the sight of royal complexion puts fear in ya
Why you on this planet we inhabit the four corners
Imprisoned for resistance of abuse the modern noose is service issued
They blues once colored as tissue
Sending swords to vessel of negus piercing bloodlines for generations, they saying..

Code 3, Code 3, Code 3, Code 3
They Saying it’s a Code 3
Another 187 see for my people they seeking evil why won’t they just let us be
They Saying...

Hold up I don't get it I don't understand
Ain't this supposed to be the promised land
Of the free home of the brave by what they say but yet and still our Sandra Bland
Can't even switch lanes in the street
Without being brought down to a jail cell hang by police
And Eric couldn't Garner one breath just to breathe
All for selling cigarettes that's strange least to me
If I ain't know better it's more than enough evidence to fight what they sayin' we payin' a fee
Of letting our hands rest in robbers and hunters
And of the transgressions of our fathers and mothers
Our own deeds sown and it seems that seeds grown and if you’n even known that harvest's upon us Cause we ain't reaping nothing but repercussion and people wondering if He really loves us why does Yah keep this coming
We all in the gutters
These cops see and gun us
And if we minorities we should all see these numbers
Of the killings and blood spillings on a decrease but it seems it's stuck on a repeat
And it don't matter how many attacks from cops done to blacks
We keep running back to grab what we lack
We seek a bigger piece of American retreats when I think that we should just stop, retreat
Turn back to the Abba rethink
who it is that keeps us afloat or we sink
We come before His throne He holds His nose
Though we don't think so we should know yo we stink
Releasethe hope that we have in inaugurations
Don't need Barak just to prove its just Obamanation
Placing faith in a nation that rapes and hates us then got the nerve to complain and pray that they save us

Code 3, Code 3, Code 3, Code 3
They Saying it’s a Code 3
Another 187 see for my people they seeking evil why won’t they just let us be
They Saying...