New Yarushalam (ft. Big Lee)

by Wisdom Simone

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Mixtape "The Seed" coming, if Yahuah permit, July 5!!!



Where I’m going
I gotta keep pressin’ my way
I’m bound for New Yarushalam, New Yarushalam

Verse 1:
(Wisdom Simone)
City of Peace, oh how I long to reign with him
Life’s reward for my obedience, not earned it is his gift
No Christmas, my rebirth justified sacrifices it was worth it
The tears I cry he’ll wipe away, dry bones called to be perfect
The valley of death’s shadow, strength he’s given to walk through it
Upright, perfect example, living sacrifice I’ll do it
Virtuously by his dabary his kahan guide me to it
Obedient as a humble child, correction I’ll endure it
This world’s been a mirage glitz and glamour only temporary
Love he’s shown in patience reward to come it is legendary
Truth that he dispenses my ways I will put secondary
Glory and Honor owed to Yah, Yahusha, he's extraordinary
I press in hopes to see his face like him I’ll be transformed
Seeking a place descending, Tsyun, Chadash Yarushalam
Jumping out my filthy garments, because his return is swift
Tryna catch a ride upon his cloud, no app I need his lift

Where I’m going
I gotta keep pressin’ my way
I’m bound for New Yarushalam, New Yarushalam

Verse 2:
(Big Lee)
Had to get rid of my Usher cd ‘cause I can’t do things my way
I’m a wayfaring man the unclean won’t pass over this q’dash highway
Jumped off my motorbike no more hitting corners leaning sideways
From left to right with no eyesight his mal’aky make sure we drive straight (on his highway)
Haters want me to get off but I look at ‘em sideways
In a zakarun of a shabatun we blow up that truah on a high day
No blunts they want me to blow one no Son only got one life to live
Don’t need a Bob Barker in this life for real Yahusha paid the price for my right to live
(What’s Up?)
The only thing coming down from the shamaym hid behind the clouds
Where all the elders and the hosts of what you call heaven are all taking a bow
(Giving up)
Praises to his name
If we all obey we can do the same
That’s why I’m pressing in his dabary ain’t stressing fact it’s a blessing
Check it
No longer will I get off track
Consistent ‘til Yah get us back
New Yarushalam where I’m from, clean living yeah we been bout that
Yeah we been bout that
Standing in the paths of old
With New Yarushalam as my goal seeking a final rest for my soul

Where I’m going
I gotta keep pressin’ my way
I’m bound for New Yarushalam, New Yarushalam


released June 30, 2016
Written by: Wisdom Simone & Big Lee (
Mixed & Mastered by: Wisdom Simone
Produced by: Danny E.B




Wisdom Simone Atlanta, Georgia

The road to virtuosity is one of blood, sweat, and tears. Yah has been gracious enough to allow me the challenge. I pray I make him proud. These Q'Dash Tahalym are my reports of what I see, feel, and learn on this journey.

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