Prayer (ft. Lyn Nicole) (Promo)

by Wisdom Simone

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Mixtape "The Seed" coming, if Yahuah permit, July 5!!!



Verse 1:
(Wisdom Simone)

Keep my head covered ‘cause I must stay on the prayer line
To get a mind like his I’m aiming ‘cause I know it’s high time
No rewind, I declined that life I lived in sin
New Direction like that boy band, I live to wait on him
Alahym is who I mean no Outkast but I’m fresh and clean
Learned that Jesus was a decoy like trapping with them queens
On my knees Yah mercy spared me and called me to his team
Now I’m pressing through heat blazing so his ruach I obtain
In my head is Modern Warfare but this here ain’t no game
Fighting for my soul like Brandon say
For my sin I gotta pay, another day
Yum that the Most High gave so I must pray
Keep me in your will strength and courage to maintain your way
Teach me how to love and surrender all like Musiq say
Not to cross your judgement, let your pah pah the heart of me
Never cease from my petition and I hope you hear my cry
Listen to your dabarym divide and from it I know for sho

Prayer change thangs
I know prayer, change thangs
If you always pray and you never faint, I know prayer
Change thangs

Verse 2:
(Lyn Nicole)

Well it’s like water over chocolate
Pour it in this faucet
Mix it up and let it burn
Redeeming my time so I can earn
My optics got a stigmatism so let’s press rewind
To a time when was down and out and needed a vine
So I had to quit doubting my doubts so I could grow
And get myself an Alahym this fallow ground couldn’t sow
But he’s my lifeline so you know I got to call
And like the walls of Jericho, you know they had to fall
‘Cause Yah be on speed dial, ‘cause nothing even matters
I’m tryna reach you like mal'aky and up and down the ladder
But rather, my living is no more vain
Yahuah took the driver’s seat indeed he keeps me sane because…


Verse 3:
(Wisdom Simone)

Most High Yah of Abraham, Yatsachaq, and Y’aqb
I got my head covered so I hope you hearing my soul
Another yum that you have given with new seeds to sew
Your dabary I need ‘cause it’s that bread that ain’t gone mold
Wholesome nutrition for ruach so my light will shine
I labor daily for salvation and renewing of mind
You are consuming fire but if I’m righteous it won’t burn me
You called me out to be Q’dash so your light shine through me
Yah is mighty Yah’s my Alahym so I am Yahudy
Guide my footsteps and my thoughts so I won’t be a mashaly
In the name of Yahusha thank you for all you have done
Undeserved gave me a lamad and you sacrificed your son
Many tongues are insufficient for me to sing your praise
So I hope you find me faithful and in shalum I see your face
Never cease from my petition and I hope you hear my cry
Listen to your dabarym divide and from it I know fo sho


released March 8, 2016
Written by: Wisdom Simone & Lyn Nicole (
Produced by: Plex Luthor, Gianni Ca$h
(Beat used for Non-Profit in "Fair Use")
Mixed by: Wisdom Simone




Wisdom Simone Atlanta, Georgia

The road to virtuosity is one of blood, sweat, and tears. Yah has been gracious enough to allow me the challenge. I pray I make him proud. These Q'Dash Tahalym are my reports of what I see, feel, and learn on this journey.

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